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Blue Sky Innovations Group is a member of the Alliance
and its exclusive representative office in the United States.


Our role is to provide a bridge between China’s emerging GA industry and world markets. Our team will operate as the liaison for both global GA companies seeking expansion into China and Chinese companies pursuing international growth.

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Z-Park Sky Innovations General Aviation Alliance (the Alliance) is a nonprofit organization co-founded in 2016 by more than 60 organizations including leading GA enterprises, research companies, and associated institutional investors. It is the first of its kind alliance for General Aviation in China and will serve to expedite expansion of China’s GA industry, which is projected to have an economic impact of $150B USD (¥ 1 Trillion Chinese Yuan) by 2020. The Beijing Bureau of Civil Affairs licensed the Alliance in April 2016.

Tim Archer speakingCollectively the Alliance is a group of industry leaders and subject matter experts combining individual strengths and qualities to accelerate the development of China’s GA industry. Our areas of expertise include legal, regulatory and compliance, technology and software development, aircraft and parts manufacturing, maintenance and repair, aviation operations and services, airport planning and design, investment and financial services, industry planning and international branding and marketing.

If your GA company is in any way involved or interested in conducting business in China, we can help. Below are several of the initial services provided by Z-Park Alliance.

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Alliance Goals and Services

Investing and Financing
We work to facilitate communication between industry leaders and capital markets to steer investment capital into the GA industry. By leveraging the Alliance’s strengths, we reduce operating costs for member companies and improve financing opportunities for GA growth.

Alliance Building InteriorInnovation and Advanced Technology
As a team, we collaborate to expand research and development of advanced technologies, manufacturing, and applications for the GA industry. 

Talent Development
The Alliance works to cultivate qualified technical and managerial talent and facilitate job placement. We host various practical and professional education classes to promote growth and skills development.

International Cooperatives
We work to improve GA business opportunities between global markets by assisting both GA companies seeking expansion into China and Chinese GA companies pursuing international growth.

Industry Development
By working together, we combine our strengths and experience to break down barriers and accelerate GA advancements and improve adoption of industry rules for products and services.

Big Data Research & Development
Through collaboration, we optimize acquisition of industry data, research and analysis to identify market trends. We then assist member companies with strategic planning and support for development as well as helping with government oversight and regulatory processes.

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Give us a call to learn more about the Alliance services or how membership in the Alliance can benefit your business.

Z-Par Alliance is headquartered in Zhongguancun Science Park, (Z-Park), an area on the north side of Beijing known as “China’s Silicon Valley.”

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