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At Blue Sky Innovations, we offer a wide range of aviation consultant services to get your company into the global marketplace. Schedule a consultation today to get started!

shutterstock_175248584Market research

Our market research begins with discovery. We ask a lot of questions to learn about your business and understand your products, services, customers, competition, current market and business goals. We need to know everything possible in order to help you grow and expand into international markets.

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We then take that information and begin researching markets for potential expansion. Many companies don’t see the need for market research and skip this essential process, which is a big mistake. Today’s global marketplace means you now have competitors worldwide, and well-executed market research will help you be more efficient and professional.


Strategic planning

Before we begin any project, we always create a strategic plan. There are strategies behind everything we do. Everyone involved must understand exactly where you want to go, and what you want to accomplish.

We then build a strategy to get you there. As general aviation consultants, we work with you to create a strategic plan that includes how to start your business in a new country, your company branding, the message you want to deliver, and how to grow long-term.


International business development

Everything we do from market research to market entry – is part of the business development process. In the past, your competitors have been in your own country. Now with globalization and the Internet, your customers and competitors are worldwide. You want to be where your customers are – and your customers are everywhere.


Trade show organization and representation

Attending tradeshows is a great way to get a feel for new markets. However, tradeshows can be overwhelming if you go it alone without a plan. As consultants, we can attend a trade show with you, or represent you with a booth and meet with key people in target companies. This is a very efficient way to discover potential opportunities in other countries. When you work with us, we will create a strategic plan and arrange meetings ahead of time, then follow up on your behalf after the tradeshow.


International product branding and marketing

A company’s branding and marketing must be unique to the target country. Too often, aviation companies think marketing is equal to advertising. This mistake often wastes money and can potentially damage your image in unfamiliar markets.

Advertising is not building a brand. Building a brand is everything you do to tell your unique story, control your image, and match your message to your market. When marketing internationally it is important to think global but act local. Blue sky Innovations provides everything you need to build your brand in the international market. From website to brochures and promotional items, we are a total solution.


Aviation Consultant Services investor relationsInvestor relations

Because of the volume of business we do internationally, we have relationships with many investors looking to expand their portfolios. We also have relationships with companies looking for investors. We keep close tabs on the global market, so whether you’re an investor or a business owner, we can facilitate making the connections you need to expand your holdings worldwide.


Acquisition due diligence

If your company is looking to acquire a general aviation company, we can facilitate the process. We have relationships with business experts who investigate acquisition opportunities. They evaluate a company’s finances, customers, products, employees and more, and determine a valuation. If you have already identified a company you’re interested in acquiring, we can create your business plan.


Airport and aviation town planning and development

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Many countries don’t have the general aviation infrastructure required to take their country into the 21st century. Establishing this infrastructure is a lengthy and extensive process that requires having airports, maintenance facilities, fuel farms, fixed-base operators, flight schools, charter/management, sales /financing, disaster relief and distribution.

At Blue Sky Innovations, our team of experts helps plan small GA airports dedicated to flight training, as well as and executive airports necessary to facilitate a country’s growing need for business air travel. In emerging markets, these airports – called aviation towns or aviation industrial parks – provide convenient travel while the surrounding town provides the necessary infrastructure to support the airport.


Product certifications (FAA, EASA, CAAC, ANAC and others)

We work with government agencies around the world to get the proper certification our clients need to sell abroad. We assist companies in the US looking to obtain FAA certification approval for their product through Type Certification (TC), Supplemental Type Certification (STC) or Parts Manufacturing Authority (PMA). We also assist with the submissions of project applications, certification planning, test plans, etc. to the FAA.

Additionally, we provide this service (less DER Approval) for companies in other countries looking to obtain certification through their regulatory agencies. For China’s certification validation process, we assist with FAA, EASA, ANCA certifications in obtaining a CAAC validation of that approval for the Chinese market.


Aviation Consultant Services engineering serviceEngineering service FAA DER

The FAA has representatives called Designated Engineer Representatives, or DERs. These individuals can approve certification work on behalf of the FAA. Blue Sky Innovations contracts with DERs to streamline and expedite the certification process for you. We provide engineering and DER services to support:

  • Aircraft design and development to TC
  • Power plant design and development to TC
  • FAA STC management for power plant upgrades
  • Airframe mods and upgrades
  • Flight-testing
  • Avionic STCs.


Accident investigations

Accidents are tragic events but they can occur. At Blue Sky Innovations, we contract with licensed investigators and independent experts that specialize in evaluating the root causes of aircraft accidents to help provide answers and support any accident litigations.


Product liability litigation support

If a company is involved in aviation related litigation, Blue Sky Innovations will provide expert assistance to product manufacturers and attorneys throughout all phases of litigation including research, education, strategy, expert witnesses and testimony.

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