The general aviation industry is a dynamic marketplace that’s continually changing.

While many GA aircraft parts dealers, suppliers, and manufacturers have been serving the industry for years, new ones regularly seek to enter the market.

Others merge to expand or consolidate product and service offerings. This market fluctuation can make it difficult to know which dealers will meet your needs best.


To keep aircraft flying and avoid serious and costly disruptions it’s important to work with a team of qualified dealers. Dealers with experience in your target country who provide items through direct distributorship rather than through sub-distributors. This will offer the closest possible link between your company and the manufacturer.

With so many dealers and suppliers within the aviation marketplace, how do you go about searching for a qualified dealer?

Below are links to several Aviation Associations that exist to support and further the aviation industry. Some are specific to aviation dealers and work to further the marketplace with the support of member products and services.

In most cases, member benefits include a listing in the association’s Rolodex, so this is a good place to begin your search for qualified dealers. However, a listing does not constitute an endorsement from the Association so you’ll need to vet the dealers on your own.




Aviation Distributors and Manufacturers Association

Aircraft Electronics Association

General Aviation Manufacturers Association

National Business Aviation Association, Inc.

Experimental Aircraft Association




When searching for qualified dealers, it’s important to ask good questions to determine baseline qualifications and fit for your company’s needs.

Ask the following questions when vetting qualified dealers.

  1.   How long has your dealership been in business?

At Blue Sky Innovations, we recommend working with established aviation dealers, especially when moving into foreign markets.

  1.    Have you represented other foreign countries?

You’ll want to work with an aviation dealer familiar with import rules and the regulatory processes in the target country.

  1.    Does your supply chain provide global support to customers worldwide?


  1.    How will our line of products fit in and compliment your existing portfolio of products?


  1.    What is your strategy for building our brand in the target country?


  1.     Do you have good market coverage, including a trained and educated sales force?


  1.    Will you be willing to furnish us with three references of companies you currently represent?

When moving into new markets, working with strong,
qualified dealers will streamline the expansion process and minimize complications. Having the right dealers on your team can mean the difference between success and failure.

Business aviation is in an exciting phase of global transition. For players within the industry, it’s an unprecedented opportunity to change position relative to other players. To ensure your success when vetting qualified dealers, contact Blue Sky Innovations. We are leading the industry, and the world, helping companies realize global growth opportunities and we can help you partner with the right dealers for your needs.





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