There’s no substitute for the real, in-person interactions you can have at live events. No social media platform, email campaign or conference call can replace the value created by meeting face-to-face.

That’s why attending trade shows or industry events is so powerful and should be a regular occurrence in your business.

That was certainly true last month at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh. The world’s largest general aviation air show and trade show all wrapped into one. The event has been taking place for over 40 years and many in attendance felt 2016 was one of the best on record.

I have to agree.

According to Jack J. Pelton, EAA CEO, and Chairman , attendance was fantastic. During closing remarks on Sunday, he said: “there were roughly 14,300 aircraft movements at Wittman Regional Airport during the weeklong event, allowing the airfield to continue its claim as the busiest airport in the world.”


Why to Attend Industry Events

Blue Sky Innovations uses trade shows and events to make connections, build relationships and conduct business. Networking this way keeps your company ahead of trends and lets the world know what we offer.

Attending events is foundational to our business as international aviation consultants.

When we attend events, we always establish goals for the event and create a strategy to meet those goals. As part of our strategy, we create a key message that we want to deliver to the specific target audience attending the event. When necessary we will hold a press conference to share news. Trade shows provide a great opportunity for press conferences, as the big industry events attract important key players.


EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2016

Our focus at Oshkosh 2016, was to introduce China’s new GA Alliance to the US market and announce that BSI is the bridge between the Alliance and any US company seeking to expand into China. Blue Sky Innovations did not have its own exhibit; rather we created an exhibit to represent Z-Park Sky Innovations General Aviation Alliance. Our target audience was GA business owners and marketing directors interested in expanding into China.

Our booth was in an excellent location and our press conference helped to attract more visitors to the booth. We hosted over 20 Chinese businessmen and women who came from China to learn about general aviation and support announcement of the GA Alliance.

We were very busy meeting and greeting attendees, handing out brochures on the Alliance as well as for Blue Sky Innovations.  For the media who attended our press conference, we also provided a convenient flash drive pre-loaded with information about the Alliance and BSI.

Our press conference was the highlight of the event. It was well attended and generated several interviews and visits to the booth from US companies.

Overall, the event was a great success. People were very interested in our work in China and our consulting services around the world. We also generated a few potential dealership deals to close between China and US companies.


If you haven’t already filled your schedule with events this year, what’s stopping you? The important thing is to get involved. Sponsor events, host events, speak at events, and at a minimum -attend events. Industry events are powerful networking and partnership opportunities If you’re not attending you’re missing out.

We hope to see you at the next general aviation tradeshow.

If you need help planning or exhibiting at an industry event be sure to give us a call. Blue Sky Innovations can help you create a strategy and marketing plan to maximize your ROI.



Ana Fontes is the Executive Vice President and co-founder of Blue Sky Innovations Group. Ana is a multilingual native of Brazil and an American citizen. She has been working in cross-cultural markets for 27-years providing marketing and consulting services to many international and US-based companies. Ana can be reached at 972-294-5811.

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