You’ve completed your due diligence and discovered a market perfect for your company’s products and services. A new country ripe for international growth.  

Building a reputation in this new market will involve developing a promotional campaign designed to create awareness, excitement and drive sales.

Promotional channels may include; media advertising, Internet marketing, word-of-mouth, and direct contact.

Your campaign will establish the first impressions and initial interactions someone has with your company, products, and services. Therefore, thorough planning and expert execution are required.

When developing a promotional campaign in a foreign country, there are many challenges to consider to ensure your product branding meets cultural expectations and doesn’t insult anyone. Discovering these cultural nuances requires extensive market research, even a little detective work. Putting in the extra effort could mean the difference between a successful launch or a stall on takeoff. Your company cannot afford a branding blunder, one that may forever taint your reputation, especially during market entry.
Regardless of the market, media or message, when developing a promotional campaign the following rules are foundational.

  1. Become Educated (about cultural nuances of the target country)

As part of your market analysis, you analyzed the target market for cultural nuances, language barriers and business practices, etc. When planning your promotional campaign, you must dig deeper and discover how the people perceive marketing.

Examine campaigns from other companies to learn what works and what doesn’t. This is a discipline that can be time-consuming and tedious, even overwhelming. However, it can be the determining factor to your success or failure. Responsible marketing is a choice – a choice that every company can make!

  1. Seek Guidance (retain a professional international business consultant)

Professional advisors with experience in-country are invaluable when it comes to entering new markets. While your due diligence and market analysis will establish your foundation, experienced aviation consultants familiar with international markets will have connections and relationships that can streamline market penetration and save you time and money.

  1. Stay In Control (maintain direct control of your campaign)

Any promotional campaign where you relinquish decision-making power to other parties is a potential for disaster. Partner with experienced consultants but remain involved in all aspects of your campaign. The consultant will have the knowledge of the new market you need, but only you have the knowledge of your company that they need to help you.

  1. Remain On Course (keep your long-term goals in mind)

Keep your expansion goals in mind at all times and stay on course. You worked hard to analyze the market and create an expansion flight plan, don’t be tempted to deviate. While it’s important to remain alert to market responses, only adjust course as required to align with original goals and do so with the help of an international business consultant.

  1. Do Not Gamble (avoid speculating, and other risks)

A gambler is someone who chases after market trends or other risky forms of speculation. To avoid this trap, only invest in countries that make good financial sense. While economies are constantly changing, and it’s impossible to predict what will happen in a target market, becoming educated, seeking guidance, staying in control and on course is the best recipe for mitigating risk.

International promotional campaigns require a great deal of strategic planning. To enter a new market, a company must have a clear vision of its goals as well as the challenges, needs, clients, competitors and culture of the proposed market. Partnering with a GA consulting firm familiar with the language and culture will help you establish a campaign that is most appropriate for the new market.


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Tim Archer is a 40-year veteran of the general aviation industry and founder of Blue Sky Innovations Group. He has worked in more than 50 countries doing GA international business development, sales and marketing, manufacturing management and acquisition due diligence. To learn how you can expand your general aviation business across border contact Tim today.

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