If you’ve ever been involved in manufacturing, you may be familiar with the term “Stop the Line.”

It’s a quality control technique for handling an abnormal situation in an automated process.

It’s the crucial human touch in an otherwise automated world.

The method of Stop-the-Line manufacturing originated with Taiichi Ohno of China. He is the father of the Toyota Production System.

If an employee on the assembly line noticed a problem, they were to push a big red button and stop the production line to fix the defect or prevent a larger problem.

Initially, the method resulted in a drastic drop in productivity as the line kept stopping and workers took the time to fix things. Eventually, however, they picked up speed and before long Toyota began producing cars faster, cheaper and more reliably than its competitors.

The initial investment and effort to improve processes paid off, and Toyota’s Stop-the-Line manufacturing method became the company’s secret weapon.

The Stop-the-Line process follows four principles

  1. Detect the abnormality.
  2. Stop production.
  3. Fix or correct the immediate condition.
  4. Investigate the cause and install a countermeasure.

Partnering with aviation consultants can be similar to implementing an automation process like Stop-the-Line.

In manufacturing for instance, rather than waiting until the end of a production line to inspect a finished product, early detection and intervention can reduce inefficiencies.

By slowing down to investigate and make corrections along the way, you’re proactively building a better process. Moreover, a better business.

The same is true when working with an aviation consultant.

Especially when expanding a business across borders.

An aviation consultant with experience in your target market and connections in country can chart your course, anticipate challenges, correct course, or Stop-the-Line when necessary.

Before a company wastes thousands of dollars and countless hours ignorant of deficiencies.

The key is having someone on your team who knows what to look for, when to stop, and when to gather important stakeholders together. Someone who can quickly identify the problem and get you back on course as fast as possible.

Without an experienced aviation consultant on your global expansion team, problems can go undetected and pile up until the entire process comes to a screeching halt.

When you partner with a consultanting team and adopt a Stop-the-Line mentality, you’re saying you’re not going to tolerate a slow, silent accumulation of issues that will come back to bite you later. Rather, you’re expanding internationally with a commitment –from the beginning– to build a better business.

Skilled and experienced international aviation consultants can identify and fix problems faster and more efficiently, so you aren’t surprised with late-breaking bad news.

We are your secret weapon.



Tim Archer is a 40-year veteran of the general aviation industry and founder of Blue Sky Innovations Group. He has worked in more than 50 countries doing GA international business development, sales and marketing, manufacturing management and acquisition due diligence. To learn how you can expand your general aviation business across border contact Tim today.

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