Exciting things are taking place in the skies over China.

As globalization continues to impact General Aviation around the world, China is joining the jet stream with an enthusiastic and renewed commitment to the development of its GA industry.

China’s Five-Year Plans

Since 1953, The Chinese government has been developing Five-Year Plans to communicate national goals and set priorities for economic growth and improve the quality of life for Chinese citizens.

General Aviation debuted in China’s 11th Five-Year Plan (2006-2010) as the industry has gained greater importance over the last few decades. GA’s priority was increased in this year’s 13th Five-Year Plan, which was approved by the National People’s Congress and released publicly on March 17, 2016.

Additionally, on May 17th, 2016, the General Office of the State Council of China (China’s highest state administrative body) released “The Guide to Promote General Aviation Industry Development.

The Guide, which outlines key economic goals and sets policy guidelines, raised the level of priority placed on China’s General Aviation industry to a “strategic emerging industry.”

To meet national goals, Chinese business and government leaders are investing significantly in China’s airport infrastructure, pilot training programs, safety education and the gradual opening of low-altitude airspace.

China Develops its First General Aviation Alliance 

GA is rapidly transitioning from a minor industry in China to an advanced core technology and broad service industry. The country’s growing middle class –with money to spend and an increasing desire for air travel– as well as strong commitment from the central government to establish sustainable economic growth, are fueling this transition.

Blue Sky Innovations has been working with leaders in China to develop an Alliance to help the nation expand GA operations. After years of hard work and significant investment by GA national leaders the Alliance was approved in April 2016, by Beijing’s Bureau of Civil Affairs.

On July 26th, 2016, a press conference was held at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh announcing the formation of China’s General Aviation Alliance to the world …

Z-Park Blue Sky Innovations General Aviation Industrial Alliance.

This exciting Alliance is the first of its kind for GA in China and will serve to expedite expansion of the industry, which is projected to have an economic impact of $150B USD (¥ 1 Trillion Chinese Yuan) by 2020.

The Alliance is headquartered in Zhongguancun Science Park, (Z-Park), an area on the north side of Beijing known as “China’s Silicon Valley.” Blue Sky Innovations is a member of the Alliance and is its exclusive representative in the United States with offices in Plano, Texas, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The mission of the Alliance is to merge the unique strengths and qualities of its individual members, business leaders, and financial investors to accelerate the development and expansion of China’s GA industry.

Blue Sky Innovation’s role in the Alliance is to provide a bridge between China’s emerging GA industry and world markets. BSI will operate as the liaison for both global GA companies seeking expansion into China and Chinese businesses pursuing international growth.

Z-Park Alliance is a nonprofit entity co-founded by more than 40 organizations including leading GA enterprises, research companies, and associated institutional investors. The Alliance is receiving strong and enthusiastic support from China’s GA industry leaders, business and technology innovators as well as top government ministries.

A commencement ceremony to observe development of the Alliance and the opening of its new offices will take place in China later this year.

 Z-Park Alliance ServicesBSI_Oshkosh.jpeg

  • Investing and Financing
  • Industry Development
  • Talent Development
  • Innovation and Advanced Technology
  • International Cooperatives
  • Big Data Research & Development

To learn more about China’s Z-Park Alliance and how it can benefit your GA operation contact the team at Blue Sky Innovations.



Tim Archer is a 40-year veteran of the general aviation industry and founder of Blue Sky Innovations Group. He has worked in more than 50 countries doing GA international business development, sales and marketing, manufacturing management and acquisition due diligence. To learn how you can expand your general aviation business across border contact Tim today.

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