Z-Park Sky Innovations General Aviation Alliance (the Alliance) together with Blue Sky Innovations LLC of Plano TX held a press conference today at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh to announce development of a new GA alliance in China : Z-Park Blue Sky Innovations General Aviation Industrial Alliance. The Alliance is the first of its kind for General Aviation in China, and will serve to expedite expansion of the industry which is projected to have an economic impact of $150B USD (¥ 1 Trillion Chinese Yuan) by 2020.

 “This is an exciting time for aviation and for China. We’re seeing rapid, double digit annual growth in business and personal travel, both domestically in China and international travel. We’re seeing hundreds of new airports being built and GA flight hours are projected to triple over the next few years. And we’re still only in the early days of China’s 21st Century GA potential.” said PENG, Lidong, Vice-Chairman of the Alliance and a respected Chinese business leader. 

The Alliance is headquartered in Zhongguancun Science Park, (Z-Park), an area on the north side of Beijing known as “China’s Silicon Valley.” The Alliance is a nonprofit organization co-founded by more than 60 organizations including leading GA enterprises, research companies, and associated institutional investors. 

Beijing’s Bureau of Civil Affairs approved the Alliance in April 2016.  It is the first industrial alliance licensed by the Chinese Civil Authority with a focus on General Aviation. The alliance is receiving strong and enthusiastic support from GA industry leaders, business and technology innovators as well as relevant government ministries. 

The mission of the Alliance is to merge the unique strengths and qualities of its individual members, business leaders, and financial investors to accelerate the development and expansion of China’s GA industry. 

The Secretary-General of the Alliance, Mr. Dong Yongsheng insists that ‘An alliance is an industrial cluster. We will focus on building the cooperation platform, service platform and investment platform”. 

A commencement ceremony to observe development of the Alliance and opening of the new offices will take place in Z-Park this September.   

Blue Sky Innovations LLC, a full-service general aviation consulting company based in Plano Texas, is a member of the new Alliance and the exclusive representative office of the Alliance in the United States. Blue Sky Innovation’s role is to provide a bridge between China’s emerging GA industry and world markets. The company will operate as a liaison helping global GA companies expand into China and assisting Chinese GA companies looking to accelerate growth internationally. 

“Blue Sky Innovations is not only proud to be a member of the Alliance but to also be their representative in the U.S.,” said Tim Archer, CEO of Blue Sky Innovations, “We’re committed to helping U.S. companies grow and trade in China and to helping Chinese companies grow and trade globally.”


Ana Fontes is the Executive Vice President and co-founder of Blue Sky Innovations Group. Ana is a multilingual native of Brazil and an American citizen. She has been working in cross-cultural markets for 27-years providing marketing and consulting services to many international and US-based companies. Ana can be reached at 972-294-5811.

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