FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: PLANO, TX. (PRNewswire) February 16, 2016 –Jimmy tubbs Aerospace Engineer

Timothy T. Archer, CEO of Blue Sky Innovations LLC, an international business, and general aviation consulting firm, announced today that Aerospace Engineer Jimmy Tubbs has joined BSI as the team’s Chief Technical Officer.

Jimmy will be responsible for developing engineering plans and serving as a Designated Engineer Representative (DER) to facilitate modifications and certifications for global clients. His expertise will streamline processes for aircraft and power plant design and development to TC, and FAA STC management for power plant, airframe and avionic modifications and upgrades.

In addition, Jimmy will be heavily involved in working with government regulatory agencies around the world to obtain the proper certifications required for BSI clients to sell beyond their borders.

“I have personally known Jimmy for over 30 years. During that time, he’s been as a customer, supplier, competitor and most of all friend,” stated Archer. “Jimmy’s engineering and regulatory experience round out our team and bring the balance needed to meet all our customers’ requirements. His vast experience in aerospace engineering, general aviation, and working with government agencies will be a tremendous asset, and I’m honored to have him on our team.” 

Jimmy Tubbs has been serving the general aviation industry for over 50 years as an Aerospace Engineer, A&P mechanic, FAA Designated Engineering Representative (DER), Accident Investigator and licensed pilot. For much of his career, he has developed modifications and certifications to build and convert piston engines and component parts.

 “When Tim called and told me about his plan to launch Blue Sky Innovations Group, I was very intrigued. When he asked me to join the team, I was honored. Tim and Ana are true aviation experts who know how to grow business on a global level. I am really looking forward to being part of such a professional team and the opportunity to help grow BSI and their clientele.”

Jimmy spent 17 years as an civilian engineer and engineering supervisor for the US Air Force where he developed the SUU-21A training bomb dispenser, conducted the F-102 compressor stall program and led the development of the T-38 Lead-Ion Fighter.  Jimmy left the position with the Air Force when he purchased Daily Tubbs Aero, Inc., a company that sold aircraft piston engine component parts and developed modifications to general aviation airplanes. After operating the company for six years, Daily Tubbs Aero, Inc. was sold to a predecessor company of Danbury Aerospace, Inc.  Jimmy was the VP of Engineering for Danbury Aerospace, Inc. for 31 years before Danbury was acquired by Continental Motors

To learn more about Blue Sky Innovations, or to reach Jimmy Tubbs, contact the team or call (972) 294-5811

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