The level of interest shown by the aviation professionals attending the 2016 China International GA Industry Summit was tremendous. The event was hosted by Z-Park Sky Innovations GA Industrial Alliance in the Zhongguancun Technology Park, also known as China’s Silicon Valley, and took place on September 13, 2016.

The main purpose of the summit was to provide a platform for the opening ceremony of the Z-Park Sky Innovation GA Industrial Alliance (Z-Park Alliance) and to provide the attending industry leaders some strategic insights into the current status of China’s general aviation market.

Z-Park Alliance, recently licensed by the Beijing Bureau of Civil Affairs and headquartered in Zhongguancun Technology Park, Beijing, China, is the first industry alliance approved by the government for the GA market in China.

The opening ceremony celebrated the completion of Z-Park Alliance’s new offices, unveiling the official Z-Park Sky Innovations GA plaques and awarding membership certificates to the members of the Alliance were also an important part of the summit.

Welcoming remarks and opening speeches were delivered by Mr. Jin, Qian Sheng, one of China’s high ranking aviation officials and the Chairman of Z-Park Sky Innovations GA Industrial Alliance, Mr. Gang, Zhang, the State Department Counselor, Mr. Wuping, Guan, the Secretary-General of China Civil Aviation Science Popularization Foundation, Mr. Martin Robinson, the CEO of AOPA UK and Senior Vice President at IOAPA Europe, and Mr. Ruicheng, Huang, the Secretary-General of Chinese radar industry. These speeches were followed by an opening ceremony and interesting presentations focusing on several hot topics like:

  • The strategic restructuring of China’s aviation industry;
  • The development opportunities and challenges of the GA industry;
  • The acceleration of the industrial restructuring of China’s GA industry;
  • The Zhongguancun Technology Park, as the center of navigation innovation;
  • The latest research, development and technical support updates for navigation safety;
  • The application of new navigation technologies in aviation;
  • The value chain operating model in aircraft manufacturing;
  • The GA market and development trend of the GA industry in China.

Mr. Peng, Lidong, Vice-Chairman of the Z-Park Alliance, gave an update on the status of Z-Park Alliance, since the first strategic planning meeting held in Beijing earlier this year. At that time there were approximately thirty general aviation companies interested in forming a general aviation alliance to help develop an infrastructure and grow an industry that will support China’s expansion in the global economy.

Mr. Peng pointed out how far along they had come in just eight short months; the concept has become a reality with the official formation and registration of Z-Park Alliance from the Beijing government, the completion of new and modern office buildings and currently over sixty active members ranging from aircraft manufacturers to maintenance and repair organizations.

Mr. Timothy T. Archer delivered the final speech discussing why the general aviation industry and infrastructure in China is so important to the global market today and how Blue Sky Innovations as the North American Base for the Z-Park Alliance plays an important role in bridging the gap between these two cultures.

On a side note, the massive expansion of China’s GA industry has also been confirmed by a study published by the AgEcon Search from the University of Minnesota, which attests that “China will have an increase of 4,583 civilian airlines” by 2033. Additional data collected from other sources indicate as well that China’s share of the global aircraft market will increase from 9 to 15 percent by 2030, with jet aircraft deliveries reaching 10,000 units in the next 10 years. Based on all these, industry experts argue that China’s civil aviation sector will become the next “big thing” in the global GA market.

In the wake of a successful first year with approximately 200 GA industry representatives, the 2016 China GA Industry Summit was a great success. The event delivered the best opportunity for all of the attendees to interact with other community professionals, discuss the unique opportunities and challenges facing the aviation and space industries, assess and understand every aspect of the evolution of China’s new “golden industry” sector, and prepare for the future. We cordially invite you and your organization to participate in the next China GA Industry Summit and discuss our ambitious plans for Z-Park Sky Innovations GA Industrial Alliance and China’s GA industry sector!



Tim Archer is a 40-year veteran of the general aviation industry and founder of Blue Sky Innovations Group. He has worked in more than 50 countries doing GA international business development, sales and marketing, manufacturing management and acquisition due diligence. To learn how you can expand your general aviation business across border contact Tim today.

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